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List of Opiate Narcotics

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Opiates can be prescribed by doctors for pain patients and are also used recreationally by those looking for the euphoric high associated with them.

When taking opiates, one must be especially careful because the risk for addiction is very high. Here is a list of the main opiates you might encounter.

General Opiate Description

According to the DOI, opiates, or narcotics, are "drugs that alleviate pain, depress body functions and reactions, and when taken in large doses, cause a strong euphoric feeling." Opiates have a high addiction risk and often cause intense cravings, mood swings, depression, and painful withdrawal symptoms. They have three general types: natural, synthetic, and semi-synthetic, the natural being opiates and the synthetic and semi-synthetic being opioids.

Natural Opiates

As stated by the DOI, some of the natural opiates are:

Synthetic and Semi-Synthetic Opioids

There are many synthetic opioids as well as semi-synthetic opioids that are made from the synthesis of natural opiates. The symptoms of opiate abuse in most of these drugs are similar, as are those of withdrawal. If you are taking opiates or opioids for pain, make sure to stay on your doctor's prescribed dosage as they can become addictive.

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