Heroin Addiction Treatment, Detox, Withdrawal and Information

  • Heroin Abuse and Speedballs

    Combining the use of heroin and cocaine comes with serious risks and consequences due to mixing stimulants and depressants together.
  • Can Acupuncture and Meditation Help with Heroin Recovery?

    One of the ways acupuncture helps relieve symptoms associated with substance abuse withdrawal is due to the increase of endorphins that are released during this form of treatment.
  • Heroin Abuse Effects on the Brain and Receptors

    Receptors in the brain control how our brain cells communicate with each other and when a person uses a substance like heroin it impairs communication among brain cells.
  • Self Medication and Heroin Addiction

    Mental health disorders that are not diagnosed or left untreated can make living a normal emotionally happy life impossible and sometimes a person will choose drugs like heroin to feel better.
  • Heroin Abuse and Addiction Health Risks

    With repeated use, tolerance leads to heroin addiction unless the individual stops abusing the drug and seeks help.
  • Treatment Available for Heroin Abuse and Addiction

    Today we have medications available that help decrease heroin cravings, help to reduce withdrawal symptoms and also help to prevent relapse for people seeking recovery from their addiction to heroin.
  • Heroin Detoxification

    Repeated heroin use also causes serious health conditions, it's important to seek professional help from a qualified detox center instead of attempting detox on your own.
  • Heroin Overdose

    Using heroin or mixing heroin with alcohol and other drugs can lead to an overdose that could be fatal.
  • Heroin Addiction and Abuse Withdrawal Symptoms

    Heroin withdrawal symptoms vary in intensity, the heavier and longer a person has abused heroin, the more intense their symptoms usually are.
  • About Heroin - The history or Heroin - Addiction Treatment Resources

    Heroin is named after the German word for hero, heroisch. According to popular legend, its substitute, methadone, was initially christened Dolophine in honour of Adolf Hitler.
  • Quitting Heroin Cold Turkey

    Individuals that inject heroin have even more serious problems and risks associated with their use which can make detox and withdrawal more severe.
  • Heroin Use and Pregnancy

    Heroin is a very powerful and addictive drug and if a mother exposes her unborn child to this drug during pregnancy, the baby will require treatment for the withdrawal symptoms the infant will experience after it's born.

Drug Addiction and Rehab Help Topics

  • Kadian Abuse

    Kadian, also called morphine, belongs to a class of drugs called opiate pain relievers. Kadian is a prescription pain medication prescribed to patient's experiencing moderate to severe levels of pain. Kadian also comes in extended release capsule form and is used when around the clock pain relief is necessary.

  • Acetaminophen Warning Issued by FDA Recently

    Acetaminophen is the active ingredient in Tylenol but it's also combined in many prescription pain medications such as Percocet and Vicodin. Recently the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning urging health care professionals to refrain from prescribing medications containing more than 325 milligrams of acetaminophen per pill because high doses can be damaging to the liver.

  • New FDA Approved Powerful Painkiller has High Abuse Potential

    On October 25th 2013, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a news report stating they approved a new opioid extended-release painkiller that's extremely powerful. Zohydro ER is pure hydrocodone, it's not a combination product like current available forms of hydrocodone such as Vicodin which contains acetaminophen.

  • Flesh Decaying Drug Has Made It's Way to the United States

    A horrific synthetic opiate known as Krokodil has made its way into the United States and everyone including drug users need to be aware of the extremely serious consequences associated with its use. Krokodil, a manmade drug, is so highly dangerous that it actually causes a person's skin to decay and rot off Fox 32 News reports and according to their report, it's made its way to Chicago.

  • Recent SAMHSA Study Looked into Average Day Substance Use Among Adolescents

    After viewing a recent SAMHSA News Release, it appears we have a long way to go when it comes to educating our youth about the dangers involving the use of drugs and alcohol because their study results were staggering. Just the amount of adolescents using marijuana on an average day was unbelievable.

  • The Misuse of Methadone Could be Deadly

    Methadone is a very unique synthetic painkiller because the prescription drug not only effectively relieves severe pain it's also been successfully used for many years in treating narcotic drug addiction. When methadone is used to treat addiction to narcotics, symptoms of withdrawal are suppressed for twenty four to thirty six hours.

  • Man Mutilates Own Genitalia While Under the Influence of Shrooms

    Mushrooms that contain psilocybin can produce intense hallucinations and can cause other extremely delusional erratic behavior when they're ingested. Recently, the Detroit Free Press reported a man from Ohio mutilated part of his genitals while under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

  • Fentanyl Disguised as Heroin Causes Spike in Overdose Fatalities

    Fentanyl disguised as heroin in British Columbia causes spike in overdose fatalities this year. Strong pain medications like fentanyl are increasing in abuse and even though the powerful painkiller is a prescribed drug, it's illegally sold on the streets. Some drug dealers substitute fentanyl for street drugs like heroin and opiate drug users don't even know it and the results are often fatal.

Heroin Addiction

24 hour treatment In many areas throughout the United States heroin is still a very available drug that's easily obtained and is destroying lives and because of this, heroin overdose and deaths related to heroin abuse have elevated. Some of the purity levels of heroin that's distributed and circulated are very high and the prices in some areas are low which increases the level of abuse in some states. Sometimes people who abuse prescription opioid drugs also abuse heroin which just increases the demand for this powerfully dangerous and addictive drug.

Heroin Withdrawal

People in all walks of life and in every age group abuse heroin and the results are felt by everyone. Many lives have been lost due to heroin abuse and addiction resulting from accidental overdose, drugged driving, and health related illness associated with the use of this drug.

The articles provided in this section contain information pertaining to heroin explaining what the street drug is, how heroin affects the brain, what the psychological and physical health risks are when heroin is abused, how heroin affects pregnancy, the symptoms of heroin withdrawal during detoxification, heroin overdose symptoms, and the forms of treatment available today for treating heroin addiction. If you are looking for help with Heroin Withdrawals call us at 1-800-559-9503 24 hours a day for assistance.

Heroin Detox

The sooner a person receives treatment for heroin addiction the more successful their long term recovery will be. It's understandable that most people in need of help and treatment for heroin addiction are apprehensive and nervous about detox because of the intense cravings and uncomfortable symptoms experienced during withdrawal. Today there are medications that can be administered by qualified medical professionals during treatment that decrease heroin cravings and help manage withdrawal symptoms making heroin detoxification much more comfortable. This helps a person recovering from heroin addiction focus on their treatment and long term recovery goals.